Complete Hyperconverged Solutions

The Challenge | Maintaining all of it

Building and maintaining a diverse set of hardware software over time is challenging. First there is the initial discovery process, purchase and finally deployment of the solution. It takes time to select, order, receive, unbox, stand-up and configure the end solution. It is a daunting task for any organization big and small. Has your organization ever tracked how much time is spend in this process from A to Z?
Not to mention the long-term maintenance of it all. Once again, the time your IT staff must wastes continuously monitoring the solution for updates and critical security patches. All which is prone to human error or misconfiguration. Misconfigurations are especially of concern when comes to security. 98% of breaches occur due to human error, leaving security gaps in the infrastructure.

The Solution | Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) with VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF)

Organizations that must build their own private clouds need to do so in a way that simple to procure, easy to stand-up, automatically updates with ability scale look to HCI solutions power by VMware VCF. They also need private clouds that easily integrate with Public Clouds creating a flexible Hybrid cloud environment. HCI is a software-defined, unified platform that combines all the element of a DYI datacenter made of storage, compute, networking and simplified management.

27 Virtual HCI & VCF Success Stories

Selecting the correct HCI Solution is critical. Not every HCI is the same nor is each specific configuration. To ensure the selected platform has just the right mix of hardware and software look to 27 Virtual for help. Here is a sample various Enterprise grade HCI Solutions we have deployed:
  • HPE Synergy | VMware Cloud Foundation VCF
    Custom configuration w/NSX & vRA
  • DELL VXRAIL | VXRAIL / VCF Combined Solutions
    Custom configuration with w/NSX & vRA
  • DELL vSAN Ready Nodes | Custom Built VCF VVD Solutions
    Custom configurations of NSX and vRealize Suite
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